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Storyline are interesting methods to chaining videos to a story.

Go to your course ➝ your Section ➝ add a new building block ➝ (All modules) ➝ Audio or Video ➝ Storyline

  1. Enter the title of your Storyline.
  2. Hover over the area to reveal:
  • A. Click to delete the uploaded scene.
  • B. Click to Add a new scene.
  1. Click here to add an another scene which you want to chain together.
  2. Click here to Sort scence to bring your scenes in order.
  3. Click on Preview to preview your entire storyline.

Storyline are actually very simple to understand. You upload multiple videos of multiple scenes and at the end of the video a user clicks on a button. You can set which next video the user will see when they click the button. You can let the user make a decision with that function. Based on the decision, a different video then is displayed.

This way, you can teach a learner how to make the right decision for a learning topic. Or, you can use this feature to have the user go through a story like in a video game.

To now add a scene:

  1. Click to upload your video.
  2. Click to upload a 360° video if you want to upload a 360° Video (tick the checkmark first before clicking on Upload files).
  3. Click to Upload files.

This is your uploaded scene.

  1. You can use the video timeline in the video to add buttons/links that appear at a specific time. You can then link them to another scene.
  2. Add a new button.
  3. Enter the button text and select a scene to link the button to another video scene. (Try uploading all scenes and videos before linking them).
  4. Click Preview to play the entire storyline from a participant's point of view.
  5. Go to your overview and continue uploading scenes until your storyline is complete.

Also see the basic principles of uploading 360° Videos which can also be applied here.