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Progress Statistics

The statistics and progress in teachr is kept to save your learning progress. When a module has been successfully solved, a blue check mark appears in the section overview.

Once you are completed a course, statistics will be kept even if you sign out of the course. Usually statistics will be saved then up to 30 days. Then they will be deleted.

Reset course statistics

If you want to reset the statistics of a specific course, scroll down to the end of the course sections. There you will find the Reset course statistics button. When you have completed a course, you can click Repeat the Course to archive those statistics. Once you have completed a course, it will be saved as at least once completed.


If you unsubscribe from a course, the course progress is deleted after 30 days. If you re-enroll in the course, they are retained.


If you click the Reset course statistics button and accept the reset, your course statistics will be reset immediately. This is not reversible.


I can't find the button!?

If you can't find a repeat or reset button, your teacher or tutor has disabled this feature for some reason. In this case, contact the author of the course.