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Hotspots lets you upload an image and tag it (with a hotspot). Excellent for explaining machine parts, construction elements, landscapes or scenes with very detailed elements.

Go to your course ➝ your Section ➝ add a new building block ➝ Extended Reality ➝ Hotspots

  1. Enter the name for your building block in here.
  2. Hover over the area to reveal:
  • A. Delete a image / scene.
  • B. Attach a new image to a scene (by clicking on the pencil icon).
  1. Click here to add a new scene.
  2. Click to change image/scene order.
  3. Open the preview to view the hotspot element from the particpant's view.

In the scene editor:

  1. Click anywhere on the image to add a new hotspot.
  2. Add a name and description of the hotspot to explain what is seen here.
  3. You can add multiple hotspots on a single image.
  4. When all hotspots are added, click Back, add another scene or click on Done to save your progess.