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Speech Recognition (Quiz)

Speech recognition is a great way to motivate the user to speak. Speaking something can better internalize learning topics.


Currently, the speech recognition is not perfect. However, the speech recognition is already very advanced. Use this feature for straightforward and simple sentences that users can speak with dialects and accents without getting annoyed that something correct is not recognized by the recognition system. Test the speech recognition also with your collegues before you publish such elements.

Go to your course ➝ your Section ➝ add a new building block ➝ (All modules) ➝ Audio or Video ➝ Speech recognition

  1. You can change the title of your speech recognition quiz here.
  2. Add a new speech recognition quiz element.

  1. You can also import a quiz.
  2. In the quiz options you can make some useful settings, e.g. the quiz time or a percentage selection of quiz questions.

  1. Enter your Quiz question in here.
  2. Add a description: You can add a description for the question asked. Explain your question in detail with that.
  3. Click to speak your answer so you can test if your answer will recoginzed correctly.
  4. Add your quiz options here.
  5. Select the preferred language option so that the speech system can recognize the correct vocabulary.
  6. Enter a text for the correct answer.
  7. Enter a text for a wrong or incorrect answer.


If your microphone is blocked or disabled by your web browser, you will need to enable those tools in order to use the speech recognition. Also, always speak loudly and clearly enough.