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Payment settings

With teachr you can manage your course prices and payment settings very easily. You can change these settings in your payment settings for each course. You can find the settings page in each of your courses under Manage payment settings.

Stripe Settings

Stripe is your primary payment provider from which you actually receive payments. You can go to your Stripe Dashboard and access your Stripe settings, which affect the payments associated with your teacher courses.

  • Set up your invoice brand, settings and texts affect automatically created invoices that teachr creates for you via the Stripe payment gateway.
  • You can enable different payment methods like Klarna in here.
  • You can monitor transfer and funds and change payout intervals and your bank accounts for receiving payments.


Some of the payment methods like Klarna are enabled when you have set up Klarna by properly accepting the terms and conditions in your Stripe account.

Go to your Payment Settings in Stripe and make sure that all supported payment methods are enabled.

Once you have them enabled, you don't need to do anything else.

Automated invoicing

Participants will receive an invoice automatically via Stripe when this option is set on.

You can find invoices in your sales dashboard on teachr but not for technical reasons in your stripe account. Invoices will created on behalf of your account, so in your sales dashboard you also can view or cancel invoices.

If you want to issue your own invoices to the participants, deactivate this function. This will affect all invoices created in the future. The invoices will be issued in your name. Some of the invoice settings you can set up in your Stripe dashboard.


Stripe cannot issue an invoice in the following cases: If a participant has already made different payments in multiple currencies or has provided different addresses in third countries. All information about receiving payments and how to withdraw your money can be found in your Stripe dashboard.

Adjust your invoice

You can enter a specific information, text or legal notice in the footer of the invoice to make adjustments that are legal in your country. This can be, for example, a tax number or contact addresses or terms and cancellation conditions. This information will affect all invoices created in the future. For more details, please also have a look to the Stripe documentation about invoices.


Some of the settings are overwritten by teachr. For example the texts in the footer of the invoice or the descriptions. Please edit these in your teachr payment settings.