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Artificial Intelligence Course Content Creator

With AI tools, you can dramatically increase your speed in creating and writing online courses.

You can find the AI Course Content Creator here: Go to your course ➝ your Section ➝ add a new building block ➝ (All modules) ➝ Free Text

The use is very simple. Select a text between 20 - 5000 characters and choose the AI action.

You can make the text longer, improve or simplify the style, summarise or explain the text. With the translation function you can have a text translated into different languages.

You can create different course elements. The AI automatically creates these course elements and inserts them into the course section. You can edit the results afterwards.


AI tools cannot be used in the free version (teachr earth). The AI function can be tested free of charge in the teachr moon subscription. The AI functions are available in the teachr mars subscription.