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Our Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct

With our platform, we would like to provide an innovative tool that serves to educate oneself and/or to impart one’s own knowledge, to share and to create something constructive together. We want to create a framework in which actors of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and religious affiliations can flourish and not have to fear being victims of discrimination or condescension in any form.

  • We reject any form of extremism and/or discriminatory behavior.
  • Illustrating or depicting questionable experiments on humans and animals to gain knowledge.
  • We reject any cooperation with providers who want to create pyramid schemes.
  • Allegedly promise quick wealth in a short time and/or try to advance people’s hopes and aspirations in an exploitative way with their activities.
  • We do not want any cooperation with providers of pornographic content or gambling providers.
  • Any form of glorification of violence as well as the trivialization of violence and/or the call for violence will lead to an immediate termination of the contractual relationship.

If you like to report inappropriate content, a course, video or something else, you simply contact us on and file a report.

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In the event of violations of the above-mentioned regulations, we reserve the right to deny the right to use our platform.

We are aware of the fact that gray areas may arise, particularly in the teaching of medical measures, in which it would be necessary to examine the extent to which a violation of the aforementioned regulations has occurred. In case of doubt, we reserve the right to decide on a case-by-case basis whether we can offer an organization or project a podium on our platform.

We want to create an atmosphere that encourages reflection, questioning and also discussion. We would like to ask you to do this in a respectful manner. We want to generate a creative, virtual campus where everyone feels comfortable and can develop freely.