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Delete a product

You can delete a product. The button for that you can find in the specific product configuration at the end of the page which called Delete product.


We do not recommend deleting a product. teachr is a live system and deleting a product will automatically remove the product from any course. Even if a user has purchased a course with the product you promised them.


Instead of deleting a product, you can simply remove it from your course.

You can do this in Course SettingsProduct and Rewards and click on the [ x ] of the assigned product. The product will then not be deleted, but you can assign something else or remove them more safely.


It is always possible to assign new products and move them to sections. But please be careful when doing so. Moving products to sections or adding new products can be frustrating for some users because it leads to an error in ordering a product.

In this case, the retained fees may not be enough to cover the cost of ordering a new product. Especially if your new assigned product is more expensive than an already allocated product.

The key factor is the customer's payment at the time of the price purchase. teachr debits a certain amount and transfers the remaining amount to your Stripe account as a provision. However, if a product is more expensive than the previously retained cost, an transfer funds error message is displayed and the order for the new product is blocked.

To solve this issue without changing anything in your products, the complaining user can request a refund. In this case, he will have to buy the course again to be able to order the product.

This can be frustrating for your customers if the price of a course is then higher. It is better to avoid this and let the products be active in a course for a longer time.